Best Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tools


Affiliate Traffic Tools That You Can Put On Autopilot

Traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. To succeed, you need all of the traffic ammo you can get. Not just any traffic, but targeted traffic that is interested in your content and your advice.

Affiliate marketing is a numbers game and the more high-quality traffic you send to your offers, the more income you’ll earn.

Nothing is better than being able to automate much of your website traffic. Today’s technology will save you countless hours of work to get high converting buyer traffic to your web properties and offers.   

Here are the best traffic-getting affiliate marketing tools in the industry today.

TrafficBuilder 3.0
Traffic Builder imageTrafficBuilder 3.0

What Is It?

TrafficBuilder 3.0 uses an untapped traffic source to get you targeted visitors to any link, offer or website in as little as 15 minutes. Proof of results from independent testers and customers going back over 2 years. And it’s 100% newbie friendly.

What Will It Do For You?

It works for you by:

  • Allow you to set up winning traffic campaigns in just minutes
  • Driving hands-free, long term traffic to any offer in any niche
  • Tapping into a massive and growing platform of buyers actively searching for solutions to their problems

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Viral Traffic Builder
Viral Traffic Builder Logo ImageViral Traffic Builder

What Is It?

Viral Traffic Builder is an app that sends you free viral traffic, leads and sales from social media platforms using other peoples content.

What Will It Do For You?

It’s a three-step process:

  • Enter a keyword to find popular content that’s proven to get shared, liked and bring your more traffic
  • Choose the type of content you want to share – whether its video, blogs, news and more
  • Viral Traffic Builder automatically finds viral content that’s already proven to get likes, shares and followers and posts it to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr channels in seconds

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Traffic Ivy

Traffic IvyTraffic Ivy Logo Image

What Is It?

Traffic Ivy is like an exclusive traffic ‘club’. It consists of a community of like -minded marketers whose purpose is to get everyone in the group more traffic.

What Will It Do For You?

  • Drive targeted traffic to your sites and offer from a growing network of blogs that are spread across 22+ categories
  • Allow you to upload your videos to hundreds of active YouTube accounts for real traffic directed to anything you choose
  • Give you the ability to post your content on 1,000’s of active social media accounts on FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and more
  • Get your content to go viral with multiple people sharing your content on multiple social media accounts within this private network
  • Become a part of a community-driven rating system that will guarantee you only the best high-quality traffic

Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tools Image 2

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iTraffic X
iTraffic X LogoiTraffic X

What Is It?

iTraffic X is a simple cloud-based app that allows you to quickly create sales videos and syndicate them to the most popular social media platforms directing free traffic to your websites and offers.

What Will It Do For You?

  • Generate free targeted traffic
  • Get you started without any prior skills or experience
  • Allow you to add your social media accounts with one click
  • Provides you with a built-in video maker
  • Give you a dedicated support desk for any assistance you need

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Traffic Victory

TrafficVictory Traffic Victory Package Image

What Is It?

Traffic Victory is an extensive video course on SEO (search engine optimization) targeted to beginners.

What Will It Do For You?

This is an SEO course taught by Marc Gray who is a super-affiliate marketer. This course will teach you how to generate organic traffic to your websites through organic search engine traffic. It’s not a simple ebook but a hands-on video training course. Marc will walk you through one of his money-generating websites and show you exactly how he made it, how it is laid out, how he creates content for it and his philosophy on affiliate marketing.Affiliate Marketing Traffic Tools Image 4

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Traffic Trapper
Traffic TrapperTraffic Trapper Logo

What Is It?

Traffic Trapper is an automated WordPress plugin that sets up traffic “traps” in any niche. You do not need any experience, email list or technical skills to make it work.

What Will It Do For You?

  • First, it’s so easy to use that you can set it up in just a few minutes
  • Increase the profitability of your websites
  • It includes a step-by-step process to help you setup a Traffic Trapper campaign to grow your email list
  • Increase traffic to your affiliate offers, videos, lead magnets, etc. Literally any offer that you plug into this new technology will show you impressive results
  • Step-by-step training is included so you understand all of the functions of this plugin

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Affiliate Traffic Lab
AffiliateTrafficLabAffiliate Traffic Lab Package Image

What Is It?

Affiliate Traffic Lab is a newbie-friendly, cloud-based software app that creates traffic getting videos in any niche.

What Will It For You?

  • Allow you to search hundreds of affiliate products across platforms such as Clickbank, JVZoo and WarriorPlus to find easy money-makers to promote
  • Affiliate Traffic Lab searches the products that are easiest to rank for that will get you the most traffic and make you the most income
  • Will find you the exact keywords to use to rank your videos at the top of Google, YouTube and other platforms
  • Creates videos in seconds with the click of your mouse right inside the software (There are 3 video creation methods included)
  • This is a 100% cloud-based, all-in-one solution requiring no technical skills or prior experience of any kindAffiliate Marketing Traffic Tools Image 6

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Traffic Rebirth
Traffic RebirthTraffic Rebirth Box Image

What Is It?

Traffic Rebirth is a traffic-generating system that doesn’t involve search engine optimization or paid traffic techniques.

What Will It Do For You?

  • Teach you how to set up a proven free traffic method without SEO
  • Learn how to scale your traffic in any niche
  • Show you how to implement these traffic strategies with step-by-step videos, not ebooks
  • Include a detailed case study that will drive home your implementation
  • Little to no maintenance required after initial setupAffiliate Marketing Traffic Tools Image 7

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Traffic is the name of the game in affiliate marketing. Without it, it’s like owning a convenience store located in the middle of the Sahara desert. No matter how much you have to offer, without anyone to see it, it will fail.

Luckily, traffic generation can be automated from every platform out there. The traffic getting affiliate tools on this page will help you find high-converting visitors to join your list, look at your offers and become you customers. 

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