The Best Affiliate Marketing Tools 2018

Affiliate marketing is a very competitive field. The online marketers who experience the highest levels of success use automation tools to help give them an enormous competitive advantage. In fact, many of them eventually transition into developing and marketing their own affiliate marketing tools (or weapons) because they understand how crucial they are to online success.

This website strives to be the world’s best resource for affiliate marketing tools that are critical to your success. This is your staging area for all the latest affiliate marketing weapons and ammo you’ll need to succeed online. Welcome!

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The Purpose Of This Website
The goal of this website is twofold:

  1. Keeping you up to speed on the most effective tools and strategies that are working today to help you maximize your affiliate conversions & earnings and increase your overall efficiency
  2. Helping you understand as much as you can about the environment where affiliate marketing takes place – the internet. Yes that wonderful mercurial place that evolves at lightning speed 

As an internet entrepreneur, it’s critical to be juiced in to the constant changes that are occurring in our marketplace. If you’re not up to date you’ll simply be dusted by those of us who are. New affiliate tools will continue to be added to this site on a daily basis. Please bookmark this page and come back often to stay ahead of your competition.

It’s our goal here to help you understand what’s working today in affiliate marketing, what’s no longer working and where we are heading in the future. Here are just a few of the many factors that will determine our course:

  • Changing search engine algorithms
  • Emerging technologies
  • Net Neutrality
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Changes in social media platform rules
  • Online privacy
  • Augment reality integration
  • Big data
  • Conversational user interfaces
  • New digital platforms
  • The continued evolution of mobile 
  • Data analysis
  • Contextual targeting strategies
  • Bot technologies
  • The changing online customer experience
  • Ad blocking changes
  • Native advertising evolution

This is far from a complete list and new factors are emerging on a near daily basis in this rapidly evolving business.

What makes affiliate marketing such a lucrative business model is the availability of automation tools that allow us to leverage and scale our businesses without having to do more work or hire in-house subordinates. In fact, most of the super-affiliates I personally know have scaled back their hours as their income has skyrocketed. They’re able to accomplish this by outsourcing many of the tasks they use to do themselves and through the use of the best affiliate marketing tools – which this site is all about. 

Why Choose Affiliate Marketing?

So What Makes Affiliate Marketing The World’s Best Business Model?

  • For starters, you get to work from your own home on your own terms. If you like to travel, your business comes with you with just a laptop and internet access. I don’t know about you but I certainly don’t miss the daily commute to and from the office, wearing a suit and tie every day and working longs hours only to make somebody else wealthy.
  • In the affiliate marketing model you earn commissions for selling somebody else’s product or service. They do all of the product creation and fulfillment, customer billing, shipping (if it’s a physical product) and customer service. You just sell and collect your commissions.
  • You get to set you own hours. You work when, where and on what you want. I know people who are making many millions of dollars as an affiliate marketer working full-time and part-time affiliates just in it for the extra passive income stream.
  • The playing field in the internet marketing game is still level. That allows the little guys to directly compete with, and often beat, much bigger competitors – including Fortune 500 titans.
  • Compared to brick and mortar businesses, affiliate marketing has almost zero overhead. That creates an environment that allows for huge profit margins.
  • Finally, affiliate marketing is still in its embryonic stage. Internet marketing as a whole is expected to grow into a $335 billion dollar industry by the year 2020. If you’re just getting started today, there is plenty of room to carve out your own lucrative piece of that market.

This website will help you keep up with the latest technology that will make your job of affiliate marketing much easier. Most affiliate marketers work alone and all of us have the same 24 hours each day to work, sleep, eat and have a personal life. The people who have the most success in this business are the ones who work smarter – not harder. 

The very best way to overcome the limitation of time we all have is through leveraging, automating and scaling our daily marketing tasks. Knowing which tools can help you market more efficiently will shorten your success curve, give you more personal time and make your life much easier.

Your input is not only appreciated but vital to our mission. You see, I want to create a community here of like-minded entrepreneurs who are not out for the quick buck, but interested a lifetime of selling quality affiliate products to others online in an ethical and professional manner.

Please contact me any time.

Sincerely –

Bill Burniece, President & CEO
La Jolla Holdings, Inc.
Denver, CO  USA